Hello there

Welcome to my blog.

Call me Wolfeye Mox.

No, that’s not my “real name”, if you mean the name on all my official documents. It’s my pen name. But, it is what I call myself.

I prefer a certain amount of anonymity. I want to be known for my work. I’d also like to keep my (incredibly boring) personal life separate from my (hopefully exciting) career.

I’m a writer. But, you won’t be able to find anything I’ve written online. I’ve self published and then deleted things I’ve written several times. I wasn’t confident in my work, and decided everything needed more polish. Perhaps, the lack of confidence was the larger issue, which made me second guess myself. But, after looking at the stories I published with fresh eyes, I realized they needed even more editing. So, believe me, you’re spared from finding what could be considered some very subpar work. But, now… Well, I’m not getting any younger.

If I don’t start publishing my work soon, I might not even have any resemblance career as a writer before I’m old enough to retire. Not that I ever plan on retiring.

I’m also an artist. I’ve been one all my life. I’ve even been to art school, studying analog traditional art and digital graphic design in college. Mind you, I never graduated, for various reasons, but I did learn a thing or two, and I’ve done my best to hone my skills. You can find some of my artwork on my Instagram, and the Art page of this website.

Since I’m both an artist and writer, my artworks tend to have stories that accompany them. I intend to both write and illustrate my books. Eventually, I’ll even be publishing them. I’m editing a novella now, but it will be some time before it’s fit for the view of the public.

What I’ll be doing on my blog is posting concept art, and writing about my creative process.

I’ll also be creating prints, maybe t-shirts, and other products, to sell on my Society6 page.

I don’t believe in the myth of the starving artist. After all, Michaelangelo was a millionaire, thanks to his many patrons who loved his art. He could afford to pay bills, eat, and buy more art supplies, without having to do anything besides create art, thanks to them. I see no good reason why I shouldn’t aspire to have something similar.

Of course, the only way I’ll ever be able to make a career out of writing and art is with the patronage of beautiful people such as yourself.

I hope you like my work. Just knowing someone put their eyeballs on it is nice. I don’t mind admitting that it’s scary hitting the button to share my art, or post a blog. Not knowing what people will think of it, or how they’ll feel about it, is a little more scary. In the past, I’ve let that fear stop me from posting anything. But, now, I keep telling myself, I don’t care what critics think (unless they’re being constructive). My art is for the people who like it!

Art isn’t worth much without an audience who appreciates it. But, it has to be worthy of that audience. I do my best to create art that’s the best of my abilities, because I want my work to be worthy. I work at improving my abilities, so the art I create tomorrow will be better than what I create today.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and consideration. Stick around, you might just like what you see.

Until next time.

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