Cyborg Sketch

Today, I’d like to share a portrait I did. It’s of a cyborg I drew with a Kemet (Ancient Egypt) theme. I drew it last year, but I decided to share it on my blog because I like it a lot.

As with most of my work, I started with a pencil sketch. The hair was the most difficult part, but I wanted to challenge myself and gave her dreads. I wasn’t really sure where I was going with her outfit, but it ended up being inspired by both Kemet and comic books.

Cyborg Sketch

After I did the initial sketch, I inked it. For this one, I used a fine point and ultra-fine point Sharpie. I prefer markers to other forms of inking, I like the amount of control, and that they’re relatively inexpensive. I usually erase my pencils, but this time I kept them because I liked how her skin tone came out. I mean, she’s supposed to be Black, not grey, but I think I did a decent job representing that with a pencil.

Inked version of cyborg sketch

Then I colored the inked sketch with metallic Sharpies. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, the markers really gleam like metal. But, I didn’t quite like how uneven the colors came out because I did it with a marker. Not sure if it was because of the markers, or my technique. I know a thing or two about drawing, but I still have a lot to learn.

I started drawing at a young age and was a fan of comics, so I got the book How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way by Stan Lee and John Buscema. I learned a lot, and it heavily influenced how I create art. It’s also why my work tends to have a three-step process, pencil sketch, inking, then color. In comics, the penciler, inker, and colorist tend to be three different people, but I do it all myself. I don’t create comics, because I’m not very good at sequential art, but I do like that style. Lately, I’ve started using my tablet to color my work, instead of markers, and you’ll see the results of that in future posts.

I like using both conventional analog media, like pencils and paint, as well as digital tools, like my tablet. Sometimes, I’ll use both. I think, the more tools at my disposal, the more freedom I have in creating my art. But, I started with a pencil in hand, and I prefer to create art with tools that have a similar feel. For example, I’m better at using markers and my tablet with a stylus, than I would be with a paintbrush. However, I would like to expand my artistic skills in other areas, so I have a lot of practice ahead of me. It’ll be fun!

What did you think of my portrait? What’s your favorite kind of art? If you’re an artist, what’s your favorite tool to work with?

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